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22. bis 25. Mai: CryptoCon

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fixed CryptoCon project page, text learned umlauts again (guys, use us-intl-altgr!), minor fixes
cleaned up, I took care of Personalausweis / Geldbörse (found out adress, brought them back)
updated links again, gave credits to phcoder
USB Boot patch now obsolete
Vortrag 13.04. ergänzt
added more external links, misc
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typos, little fixes
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creating index page coreboot-x201
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Add nicer image
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Battlemesh mehr details
date änderung fuer kjl
minor change
added start time for kjl on feb 17
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added mshr wiki-link to termine page
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Marktlink und -terminhinweis ergänzt
mal was positives
layout fix
added image
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kleinere Layout Fails behoben
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benötigte technik aktualisiert